Wall Tap Mixer Vs Sink Tap Mixer: What Tap Mixer to Choose for Laundry

The laundry room is one which certainly deserves your attention when it comes to style. Whilst this is a space in your home which is primarily functional, there is nothing wrong with ensuring that this room has been well planned out so that it is easy to use for washing clothes and other items, and to look great too. The central area of the laundry room is normally the laundry sink and the laundry taps, in particular, have to be just right in order to ensure that they both fit for purpose and that they look great. The main choice here comes down to a wall-mounted mixer or a sink tap, so let’s take a look at the benefits of both, and which you should choose. 

Wall Tap Mixer

The wall tap mixer uses the plumbing in the cavity of the wall to mount the spout with the hot and cold tap, and they are generally the second favourite choice when people are buying taps for the laundry room. There are however many benefits of this tap choice which should be considered. 

  • Space – The space which this tap choice gives you is a real bonus, especially when you have a sink that is going to be used to wash all manner of objects big and small. Instead of sink taps getting in the way, the wall-mounted option gives you that extra space and flexibility. 
  • Price – Whilst they may not always be the lowest priced of the two, wall mounted laundry mixers give you the best value for money. They do this because they are not greatly expensive yet the look which they deliver is sleek and luxurious. 
  • Switching – Another clear benefit of the wall-mounted tap is that they are easily replaced when you want to update your laundry room. 

Sink Tap Mixer

The sink tap mixer is the most common choice here, the traditional central spout with taps either side or sometimes with a single lever which is used. Let’s have a look at the benefits you can count on with this choice.

Options – Regarding different styles of taps, there is no doubt that you have more options with this one, hoses and levers can be easily added to cover a wide range of uses. 

Space – The wall tap is a great option if you have the wall space to play with but often these rooms that space is limited, and a wall-mounted tap could make the laundry feel a bit cluttered. Sink tap is a far smarter option for those without much space to play with. 

Budget Range – Whilst the wall-mounted tap provides you with a low-cost way to get luxury taps, the sink taps have a far broader range in prices and styles, and certainly something to fit every budget. 

Making The Choice 

The choice between these two options will come down to how much money you wish to spend, what particular style you are going for and how much space you have. If you have space and you want that luxurious laundry then a wall-mounted tap will be a great choice, if however, you want a simpler, functional and space-saving option then your best bet is a sink tap.