Randy Johnson: Big Unit Puts Big House On The Market

randy-johnson-house-for-saleIn over twenty seasons as a pitcher in the MLB (Major League Baseball), Randy Johnson pitched for the Montreal Expos, Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Yankees, and San Francisco Giants; won over three hundred games, struck out almost five thousand batters, and routinely blazed a hundred mile per hour fastball down the middle of the plate. Apparently that’s not enough of a resume for “The Big Unit” though, because he’s trying to add “seller of exorbitant mansion” to his list of accomplishments. At least that’s what we think his new goal is, because he’s put his Arizona mansion on the market for $25 million; that’s over $22 million more than he paid for it in 2003! Do we think he’ll be successful unloading the place? Who knows, maybe he’ll learn with it feels like to strike out big time, or maybe he’ll find the right buyer, let’s take a look at the place and see what his deep pocketed target will be getting for their money…

randy-johnson-house-sale-pictureThe Mediterranean style estate features five acres of land, a two bedroom guest house, a commercial-grade fitness facility, a pool, a tennis court, a cobbled driveway, stone accents, an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven, a patio, a fire pit, a private bathhouse, a spa, a water-slide, and an outdoor row of flat screen televisions…we know, we haven’t even mentioned the main residence yet. The mansion itself features 25,000 square feet of living space, seven bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, a formal dining room, a chef’s kitchen, a wine cellar, a study lounge, a game room, a billiards parlor, a screening room (complete with stadium seating, snack bar, and a ticket booth), and a professional-grade recording studio with a performance stage. You can pick your jaws up off of the floor now…seriously, it’s getting weird, we can’t all have this look on our face at the same time.

randy-johnson-house-sale-picturesRandy Johnson’s home is awesome, but it’s incredibly unnecessary. He’s got four children, so we can understand the bedrooms, but who needs the rest of that stuff? Even the things that we can see someone splurging on (home theater), are a bit too splurged for us not to find it wasteful. We hope he finds someone to buy it because he seems like a nice guy and has a fine mullet, but we hope that whoever takes it off of his hands uses to to run a business or house like fifty orphans or something. Good luck with the sale Randy!


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Diggs And Menzel Sell House As Marriage Breaks Up

idina-menzel-taye-diggs-sale-picturesNo one ever wants to see a seemingly happy marriage break up after ten years, so we’re really not happy to be reporting that Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are calling it quits for realsies. When we hear about a divorce, we never call it official until things start getting sold, but now that point has been reached, because their Los Angeles, California home is up for sale. idina-menzel-taye-diggs-sale-picsSituated at the end of a quiet country lane, the home is on the market for just under $3 million and features six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and over 5,000 square feet of living space. It’s also got a pool, a huge yard, and a large patio. It’s a very modest, but very very nice place that fits the family’s simple lifestyle while still affirming that they’re really rich. Diggs, who is known recently for his starring roles on “Private Practice” and “Murder In The First”, has been a celebrity since the mid-1990s, when his work on Broadway in “Rent” started getting him movie roles. Menzel, who also got her big break as a member of the original cast of “Rent”, has been on a roll since her voice work in “Frozen” made her a household name. The two recently decided to split, and like we said before, the sale of their home is kind of the final nail in their marriage’s coffin. It’s a huge shame that they couldn’t work things out, but someone is going to get lucky with this “affordable” (for rich people) home. It’s not too flashy, but it’s roomy and well built; it’s out kind of place.idina-menzel-house-saleWe’re never going to be happy about a divorce, but the old “when there’s blood on the streets, buy” adage comes into play on this one, as Diggs and Menzels’ unfortunate circumstance will lead to someone getting a dream home in a dream neighborhood. Celebrity real estate is a crazy game, and sometimes it’s also a bittersweet one. Best of luck to everyone involved, we hope that the sale goes smoothly for the sake of the splitting family.idina-menzel-house-sale-pics idina-menzel-taye-diggs-sale idina-menzel-taye-diggs-sale-celebrity

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Tommy Hilfiger Is Selling His Super Penthouse

Tommy-Hilfiger-house-saleWhen you think of rich people housing, you think of two things: mansions and penthouses. Now when you think of crazy stupid rich, you think of two more things: mega-mansions and two-story penthouses. Tommy Hilfiger, the guy who made all of those multi-colored shirts with the boat-key boueys attached to them back in the day, is clearly crazy stupid rich, because he’s got his New York City penthouse up for sale…and it’s two stories…and it has an asking price of $80 million…dollars. Let’s take a look and feel bad about ourselves folks…hilfiger-penthouse-viewThe eighteenth and nineteenth floors of the ultra-swank Plaza building in Manhattan were originally listed by the shirt mogul for a whopping $50 million, but that was when it was considered a fixer-upper. Since the originally listing, Tommy and his wife put about $20 million into a big renovation, thus driving the price up to it’s current insane value. The penthouse features the iconic dome roof that the Plaza is known for, but also features sick views of both Central Park and 5th Avenue. It has five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a roof deck and terrace, and a private entrance. The building itself has a gym, a pool, a door man and concierge, maid service, ample private parking, and Todd English white glove room service. It’s obviously a spectacular place to live, but we tend to have trouble believing that anything that’s not a heart transplant on your death bed is worth $80 million. We guess that if you’re that rich and need a place to live that also serves as a status symbol, you’d want to get yourself into these lavish digs, but still…$80 million? You can buy a successful business for that much money! We guess Tommy Hilfiger is still pulling in huge bucks, because we rarely here of anyone that can afford to own a place that’s this expensive. However, it’s up for sale, so maybe he can’t afford it…just kidding Tommy! We know you’re rolling in the dough Scrooge McDuck style. Good luck with the sale, and congrats to whatever “Million Dollar Listing” star realtor moves this place, that commission is going to be nuts!hilfiger-penthouse hilfiger-penthouse-pic hilfiger-penthouse-pics hilfiger-penthouse-picture hilfiger-penthouse-pictures hilfiger-penthouse-sale


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Anderson Cooper Wants Out Of The Hamptons?

Anderson-Cooper-hamptons-saleIt started with one, now he’s getting rid of the whole bunch of them: Anderson Cooper is selling all of his properties in The Hamptons. The star of “Anderson Cooper 360″ apparently wants out of the fancy Long Island, New York area and he’s not wasting any time starting the process, as he’s listed his homes at 12 Saint George Place and 20 Saint George Place, and his lot at 16 Saint George Place over the course of Summer 2014. Anderson-Cooper-hamptons-sale-picsThe smaller of the two homes he owns on the waterfront and the first to be listed, 12 Saint George features five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and over 3,600 square feet of living space on almost two and a half acres of land. It was built in 1946 and has a brick fireplace, French doors, walk-in closets, a 20×40 pool, a jacuzzi, and a pool house. It’s a very nice home with a very “summer house” vibe to it. It’s listed at $2.599 million as of August 2014, which is a million bucks less than the $3.599 million he’s listing 20 Saint George and 16 Saint George for. That mansion features 3,800 square feet of living space spread over four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and it’s own giant pool. It was built in 1928 and sits on three acres of gorgeous land. It’s got a great kitchen and a nice deck setup. If you’re willing to drop around $6 million, you can have the whole shebang and own your own Hamptons compound, but we doubt anyone is going to do that. Anderson originally listed the two homes for summer rental with price tags north of $60 thousand for just a month in one of  the lovely homes, but no one wanted to spend an entire middle-class income on a month’s rent, so it didn’t work out.Anderson-Cooper-hamptons-sale-picDespite his apparent rush to unload the properties, we don’t see Anderson dropping his prices much more, as we doubt he neighbors would appreciate him dropping sale prices in the area. As he’s listed them late in the season, we expect him to end up sitting on them for a while, but stranger things have happened. We’d say that we’ll be the first ones to report it when they finally sell, but we have a feeling that Anderson will beat us to it. Pesky journalist reporting his own stories!Anderson-Cooper-hamptons-pool Anderson-Cooper-hamptons-real-estate Anderson-Cooper-hamptons-sale-home Anderson-Cooper-hamptons-sale-homes

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Chris Pratt Has One Of The Nicest Homes In The Galaxy

chris-pratt-anna-faris-house-picsIt’s probably safe to say that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are doing better at life than most of us. Chris is the critically acclaimed star of the hit show “Parks and Recreation”, and is the star of blockbuster films like “Guardians Of The Galaxy” and “Jurassic World”; Anna starred in “The House Bunny”, “Scary Movie”, and is the main player on sitcom “Mom”; they’re also both happily married…to each other. Yes folks, they’re what we in the gossip industry call a “power couple”, and they’re a hilarious, handsome, and very likeable one at that. “Fratt”, as they’ll someday be called when they both get just a little more famous, is ruling the world right now, and they’re doing it from a lovely castle in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles, California.

chris-pratt-houseOkay, so it’s not a real castle, but it might as well be, because it’s a great house fit for a king and queen. The two Washington natives purchased the home in 2013 for $3.3 million, which was well above the $2.975 million that was originally asked (we smell bidding war). The 4,710 square foot home was formerly owned by Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, and sits just above Nichols Canyon in what’s been described as “an ultra-private gated compound”. It features four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, an awesome outdoor gym, a saltwater pool, a three-car garage, a barbeque patio, vaulted ceilings, a turret entry, and a serious security system that should give the low key couple plenty of privacy. The whole compound is about half an acre and it’s really great. It’s not too extravagant and doesn’t seem like a waste of space. Sure, it’s big, but it’s “rich family with kids” big, not “let’s waste ten million bucks and ten thousand square feet because I want people to know I have money” big. We’re always fans of celebrities who make relatively modest real estate choices, so we love everything about this home. As the two get bigger and bigger in Hollywood, the privacy that this place affords should make their lives way easier, and as they pop out more kids, the space should come in handy as well. Great purchase Chris and Anna, we wish you many good years in your California pad!

chris-pratt-house-pic chris-pratt-house-pics chris-pratt-house-pics-anna-faris chris-pratt-house-pics-anna-faris-1 chris-pratt-house-pics-anna-faris-gym

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Neil Patrick Harris: How I Met Your Townhouse

nph-harlemNeil Patrick Harris is pretty friggin’ awesome, there’s no doubt about that. Whether it’s living loud and proud with his hubby David Burtka, hosting the Tony Awards, slaying ladies in “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle”, or slaying ALL the ladies on “How I Met Your Mother”, the Emmy Award winning superstar is just flat out good at life. Now he’s adding “real estate dynamo” to his life resume, because he recently paid a record amount of cash for a townhouse in Harlem, New York.

neil-patrick-harris-harlemNPH dropped $3.6 million on the gorgeous townhouse, which was originally listed for a Harlem record setting $4 million, dwarfing the $1.65 million that homes usually go for in the famed neighborhood. It first hit the market in 2013, and it’s insane price is a result of it actually consists of two units spread over five floors (two commercial and three residential). It has a ton of potential, as it already has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two terraces, a sick rooftop space, and basement that is “perfect for storage as well as playroom and gym!”. Overall, the space stands at a huge eight thousand square feet, which dwarfs NPH’s old pad, which was also in Harlem. It’s a really great spot, and is a fine east coast city home for NPH, Mr. NPH, and their twin boys. Their new neighbors in the ultra-gentrified ‘hood should be pretty excited to have them, and the “Hedwig The Angry Inch” Tony winner seems like he’s be great person to live down the street from. He’s generous, has a great voice, seems very polite, and oh yeah…he’s Neil Patrick M-F’in Harris! On a side note, the townhouse is excessive, and although it’s veyr large, it isn’t too extravagant or gigantic for a well off family like the Harrises. We’re pretty happy for Neil in regards to his new pad, and plan on spending more time in Harlem in hopes of running into him. We promise, we won’t creepily yell “Barney!” at him. We may yell “Doogie!”, but no Barney…we immediately rescind that promise by the way.

neil-patrick-harris-harlem-1 neil-patrick-harris-harlem-2 neil-patrick-harris-harlem-3 neil-patrick-harris-harlem-4 neil-patrick-harris-harlem-5

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