Is George Clooney Selling His Lake Como Villa?

george clooney lake como listingFolks, if rumors are to be believed, one of the most famous pieces of celebrity real estate may be about to be sold. George Clooney’s Lake Como, Italy Villa is said to be possibly changing hands. In light of concerns over a mounting paparazzi presence at the mansion, Clooney is considering a $100 million offer. That’s ten times what he paid for the place in 2001! Clooney is said to still love the property, but the media presence has gotten out of control. It’s so bad that the mayor has enacted a $600 fine for taking pictures of the home! Clooney wants out, and someone else wants in, so we’ll keep you posted. Perhaps the next owner will even let us peak inside the Italian masterpiece! clooney lake comogeorge clooney lake como villa for salegeorge clooney lake como for sale

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Jeremy Renner’s House Is On The Block

jeremy renner house listingYou want to live in Hawkeye’s nest? Well now you can, because Jeremy Renner has put his house up for sale.jeremy renner house for saleListed for $4.3 million, Renner’s “Hamptons in Hollywood” home is pretty amazing. It should be, because he’s listing it for $3 million more than he originally paid for it. The mansion features five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and 7,000 square feet of living space. He’s listing it in light of his recent divorce, so a lucky buyer should strike while the iron is hot and scoop this place up.  The “Avengers” and “Mission Impossible” franchise star is known for flipping houses for tidy profits, so this time should be no different for the father of one. hawkeye housejeremy renner house for salejeremy renner listing housejeremy renner house on sale

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JCVD Puts House On The Market

van damme dogWouldn’t you want to buy a house from that man? I know I would. Anyhow, martial arts action hero legend Jean-Claude Van Damme has put his Marina Del Rey, California home on the market! The celebrity real estate opportunity is listed at $10 million, which is $4 million more than he paid for it in 2013.van damme house for saleThe gorgeous waterfront mansion features over 7,500 square feet of living space. It has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a 3D theater, a gym, a library, a roof-top garden with a swim-jet tub, and 24-hour security. It’s an amazing place, but I still wonder if he’ll be able to make such a huge profit on it. Time will tell if the “Bloodsport” actor can move the home.van damme housevan damme real estatevan damme house picturesvan damme home for sale

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The Edge From U2 Is Developing Some Property

edge building homesIt took him ten years to get it going, but it looks like The Edge from U2 is building some luxury homes. The rock legend purchased the 156 acres of land in 2005, but has been in a court battle for the last decade over developing the property. The property is located in Sweetwater Mesa in the Santa Monica mountains of Malibu, California, and his neighbors didn’t want him building on it.edge u2 propertyAfter a judge decided against his neighbors (they didn’t want to deal with the prospective years of construction), The Edge is now free to build five luxury homes on the property. Each home will be between ten thousand and fifteen thousand square feet, and will all have pools. As part of the court ruling, The Edge also has to make the homes environmentally friendly. So the homes will be fancy and good for the earth…way to overdue it Edge! edge development california edge-develops-property

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Katherine Heigl’s Utah Ranch

katherine heigl ranch picturesKatherine Heigl isn’t anyone’s favorite actress, let’s be honest folks. She’s rubbed a lot of people the wrong way during her career. However, it looks like she’s made nice with her real estate agent, because the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star has a pretty sweet pad in Utah.katherine heigl ranch picturesSitting just minutes from the set of her movie “Jackie and Ryan”, the ranch boasts full stables, a ton of property, and is only an hour from Salt Lake City. It’s a truly great place, and Katherine seems really happy with it. So yeah, we may not love Heigl, but we love her taste in real estate.katherine heigl  ranch in utahkatherine heigl ranch pictureskatherine heigl ranch pictures

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Audrina Patridge Is Selling

audrina patridge listingLet’s start this article with a nice round of applause for our title photo folks! Whoever took that picture has the greatest timing ever. Anyhow, former “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge has listed her home for $1.58 million so I took it as an excuse to run the above photo. The Spanish-style villa is great looking, but…dat picture tho. audrina patridge house for saleThe home, which was purchased in 2008, features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a patio, and 2,100 square feet of living space. It’s been described as an “architectural masterpiece”, and from the looks of it, it is. It’s great location, complete with a gorgeous ocean view, makes this the rare celebrity real estate listing that’s actually worth the price tag. Audrina should have no trouble at all finding a buyer. Good luck with the sale anyway!audrina patridge houseaudrina patridge real estate listingaudrina patridge house listingaudrina patridge home on sale

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