Andy Samberg: From Brooklyn 99 to Beachwood 90068

andy-samberg-wifeSometimes a house is just a house folks, but sometimes a house has a legacy; when that legacy is continued, it’s pretty cool. This is the case with the Moorcrest house in Beachwood Canyon, California, a house that started out as part of the Krotona Colony, a group from the Theosophist Society that tried to turn the community into a small utopian society. However, like a lot of semi-whacky hippie-types, they eventually bailed on the idea and moved the whole project to Ojai, California; this left the house out on the market for a lucky celebrity to snatch up. The Marie Russak Hotchener designed mansion eventually fell into the hands of none other than comedy legend Charlie Chaplin, who rented the spot for a while in the 1920s; it’s been through all sorts of renovations, restorations, and owners since The Tramp hung his bowler hat there, but now it’s back in the hands of a comedic acting star! Andy Samberg and his lady, musician Joanna Newsom, recently purchased the estate for $6.25 million, so it’s legacy of hosting comedians continues!

andy-samberg-houseSamberg and his wife look to be starting a family in style as the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star and the harpist are moving into one of the coolest four-bedroom, six bathroom homes we’ve ever seen around here. The home is not only large, but it features leaded stained-glass windows, copper and marble baseboards, elaborate mosaic tiles, an acre of land, a pool, and a grotto-esque cave at poolside! The quirky design of the place makes it look like somewhere a super villain would live, and it should definitely help inspire the two artists as the years go by. With 6,400 square feet of living space, and an ornate designs on every from the doors to the cabinets, the home is like a giant tree house for the perpetually young Golden Globe winner. Andy fits the house as well as the house fits Andy.

andy-samberg-house-picsAs anyone in the real estate game knows, sometimes a house and an owner just click. With a place as whacky as this, and an owner who sweats comedic gold, this is one of those times.

andy-samberg-house-picture andy-samberg-house-pictures andy-samberg-house-pictures-real-estate andy-samberg-real-estate-pics andy-samberg-real-estate-picture

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Reese Witherspoon Walks The Real Estate Line

reese-witherspoon-house-for-sale-picsDespite making a serious ass of herself a few years ago when she mouthed off to a cop during a DWI stop, Reese Witherspoon has still kept her public image pretty strong. She hasn’t been in front of the camera the last couple of years as much as she used to be, but she’s stayed busy by producing movies like “Gone Girl” and “Wild”, and by making a strong showing in the real estate market. Back in the mid 2000s, the “Legally Blonde” and “Don’t Mess With Texas” star began the process of purchasing three different lots in the affluent neighborhood of Brentwood, California; she eventually put a house on the over 1.3 acres of land. Now, her latest foray int the world of celebrity real estate is the sale of that home and property.

reese-witherspoon-house-for-saleListed by itself for about $10.5 million, or with an additional 28,870 square feet of property for $14 million, the Spanish-style estate sits on 30,000 square feet of land itself, and is listed by David Offer as having “the charm and romance of a 1920’s early California Spanish and the spaces and amenities desired for today’s lifestyles”. Basically, that means that it looks like an old house from the outside, but it’s fancy and new and tech-friendly on the inside. The mansion features five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms (each bedroom has its own private attached toiler and shower combination deal), as well as plenty of other rooms of varying purpose. It has a den, a living room with a fireplace, and a formal dining room; that’s just on the inside! The outside of the home has a pool, an outdoor fireplace, a sunken trampoline, a patio, a big front gate, a vegetable garden, a playground (listed as a “children’s playground” as opposed to a creepy adult one), and two (not just one!) eucalyptus trees. It also has vaulted ceilings at the entrance, all sorts or marble and hardwood, and French doors. The neighborhood is obviously desirable, and its location on a secluded cul-de-sac is a huge plus for whoever buys this place.

reese-witherspoon-house-for-sale-picOscar winner (for “Walk the Line”) Reese Witherspoon’s on-the-market home is a great place, but it’s obviously too rich for our blood. However, whoever is lucky enough to afford the place is getting a great modern home that is well designed and doesn’t seem too overdone or too excessive…it’s just really, really expensive…unless you’ve won an Academy Award, then it’s crazy affordable.

reese-witherspoon-real-estate reese-witherspoon-real-estate-pics

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Brock Lesnar Is Getting In The Ring With The Real Estate Market

brock-lesnar-house-for-saleFirst he conquered The Undetaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, and now he’s going to power-bomb the real estate market…maybe…if he has a good listing agent who really highlights the rustic charm of the property…and they sell someone on the celebrity listing aspect…and- listen, Brock Lesnar is selling his house. Wanna fight about it?

brock-lesnar-houseSo folks, for the surprisingly low price of $799 thousand, you can own the former home of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) former Heavyweight Champion and former (an probably future) World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion. Just breathing the same air that was once exhaled by this titan of both real and fake fighting could make you a better athlete, or at least make you want to buy an Affliction shirt and take up hunting. This a pretty solid discount for the 43-acre loot, seeing as how it’s been listed before as high as $1.49 million, and is…ya know…43 friggin’ acres. The home itself is no slouch either, as it features 3.247 square-feet in the main residence and a storage barn that looks larger and more well made than my house. The living quarters feature four bedrooms, two large home offices, and three and a half bathrooms; it’s not mansion, but it’s a great space none-the-less. Lesnar is known for his simple lifestyle (more on that later), so it’s no shock to see that he didn’t waste a ton of money or space on things he didn’t need. It’s actually nice to see a celebrity home that’s not filled with ten extra bedrooms and four kitchens that no one is ever going to use. Aesthetically, the home is very cabin-esque, and features hardwood floors, large windows, oak cabinets, and a wide open floor plan. The property has a pond on it, and is extremely secluded; it sits within the lines of Independence, Minnesota and is a few hours away from his current home in Alexandria, Minnesota. It’s pretty much perfect for someone with a good job and a desire to never see his or her neighbors.

brock-lesnar-house-picsBefore we go folks, let’s share a little piece of information that we’ve heard about Lesnar: he likes to live so simple that he doesn’t even like to have a phone. Yes, he probably has cable and internet, but he doesn’t like to be bothered, preferring to just spend time with his family, so word is that Brock keeps his phone in a little shed/cabin on his property. When he needs to make a call, he walks out to the phone booth; when someone wants to call him, they schedule it and he goes out to answer. That’s kind of whacky…and very cool. Good for Brock, if you don’t want to be bothered, don’t let yourself be bothered. However, this must be a nightmare for the people in charge of negotiating for and with him on contract issues. So in closing everyone: buy Brock’s old pad, but be prepared to bring a MagicJack and a cordless.

brock-lesnar-house-pictures brock-lesnar-house-pictures-1 brock-lesnar-house-pictures-2 brock-lesnar-house-pictures-3 brock-lesnar-house-pictures-4

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Dre Has A Good Week: Sells Beats, Selling Home, Buys New Mansion

dr-dre-new-homeWell this is a clear case of the rich getting richer folks, but we like Dr. Dre, so we guess we’re going to be okay with it. The man behind Eminem, NWA (the rap group, not the professional wrestling sanctioning body), and his own epic hip-hop career is also the man behind Beats, those giant headphones everyone seems to have these days. Beats, as a company, are apparently worth $3 billion, because that’s what Dr. Dre recently sold the company to Apple for. Yes folks, the guy who made a career out of rapping and saying “Hell Yeah” is actually a super shrewd business man who just made himself into a very legit billionaire. In celebration of his new status, he’s selling his Los Angeles home and has already bought a new one. The new home (pictured at the bottom of the page) was actually purchased from Tom Brady (New England Patriots Quarterback) and his wife Gisele (super rich model lady of Victoria’s Secret fame) and is pretty wonderful looking, but we’ll get to that later. Dre has his old home on the market for a cool $35 million, which should net him a substantial profit from the $15.4 million that he paid for the home in 2011. It sits on 10,000 square feet of land and has a great view of the Sunset Strip; it also has some quality neighbors, as Leonardo DiCaprio lives just down the road. The mansion has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a den, a wine cellar, a library/media room, a pool, and a pretty substantial front gate, but it pales in comparison to the former Brady estate that Dre is moving into. The new pad, which he got for $10 million below list price ($40 million is what he ended up paying) features 14,000 square-feet of property with six bedrooms, a huge gym, a library, an infinity pool, and a moat and waterfall. It sits in the ultra-fancy Brentwood neighborhood, so Dre and his three billion bucks should fit in just fine. He’s not in Compton anymore folks, and he’s about as far away from it as he can possibly get.

dre-sells-home jdre-sells-home-pic dre-sells-home-pics dre-sells-home-picturrdre-buys-tom-brady-house

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Louis C.K. Buys Babe Ruth’s Old Pad

louis-ck-house-babe-ruthThere aren’t many places in the state of New York more fancy than shores of Shelter Island, and there aren’t many celebrities less fancy than Louis C.K.; it’s pretty crazy that he just bough a house on the ultra expensive Suffolk County land mass. You know what else is crazy? That his new pad used to belong to Major League Baseball all-time great Babe Ruth! The Emmy Award winning star of “Louis” spent $2.44 million on the New York Yankee great’s old summer home, and it seems to be the rare scenario where the big bucks being spent are justifiable. The waterfront home features 4,957 square feet of living space on what appears to be at least an acre of land, and has six bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and six fireplaces…that’s one for each bedroom if you’re not great at using a “=” symbol. Considered to be part of the Hamptons, Shelter Island is known for it’s great waterside vacation homes (most of the wealth on the island lies in its seasonal and vacation home owning residents, with a lot of the rest of the island making its money from this small chunk of the population) and Louis’ new mansion really has this aspect going for it, as it boasts a private dock, a great little porch, and all sorts of cool little features (a spiral staircase, built-in benches, a great lawn, and a sweet boathouse). The place is perfect for Louis, who is very clearly a rich dude, but isn’t the type of rich dude to live in excess. We imagine that he’s going to use the home, with its private setting and hard to access location, as a place to get away from the hustle of the city and maybe as his retreat for when he needs to get some serious writing done. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear ne day that his next great comedy special, or perhaps a film, was written there during a long summer vacation away from the world. We usually have something smart to say when celebrities buy new homes, but when hard working Louis C.K buys an antique of a home for a good price, we’re nothing but supportive. Great purchase Louis!

louis-ck-house-babe-ruth-pics louis-ck-house-babe-ruth-picture louis-ck-house-babe-ruth-picture-shelter-island louis-ck-house-babe-ruth-pictures-shelter-island

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Dolly Parton Is Selling Dollywood West


In the grander scheme of things, celebrities don’t get much more famous than Dolly Parton. Yes, we’re aware that she’s not the most relevant person by today’s standard because she doesn’t have a a huge social media presence and she doesn’t Instagram or Snapchat every time she takes a poop, but she’s one of the original Divas! Before Beyonce or Mariah or Lady Gaga captivated audiences with their talent and image (not saying we’re fans of Mariah Carey, because we’re not, she looks very annoying), Dolly Parton was singing “Burning The Midnight Oil” and “Jolene” and getting entire estates and theme parks named after herself. Speaking of Dollywood, Dolly is selling her own little west coast slice of vacation living, as she’s recently listed her awesome little Hollywood, California bungalow for a very affordable (to some people, not anyone we know, but some people) $1.395 million. The two bedroom, two bathroom Spanish-style home sits just north of the famed Santa Monica Boulevard, and was the childhood home of actress Natalie Wood. Sitting at just over 1000 square feet, the home boasts an old Hollywood aesthetic, hardwood floors, skylights, fireplaces, and French Shutters. The fencing that surrounds the place makes it very private, so when the new owner is BBQ-ing on the deck that sits outside of one of the bedrooms, no one will be the wiser. The property also contains a small guest house studio that includes a kitchenette and bathroom…in one room. It’s kind of like an awesome prison cell, one that we’d gladly do time in. Some people find the place weird and outdated, but we think it’s awesome. Whoever buys this place is investing in a truly unique and awesome little slice of Dolly Parton sensibility, and we hope they recognize it for what it is and don’t change a thing!

dolly-parton-house-la dolly-parton-house--pic dolly-parton-house-pic-1 dolly-parton-house-pic-2 dolly-parton-house-pic-3 dolly-parton-house-pic-4 dolly-parton-house-pic-5 dolly-parton-house-pic-6 dolly-parton-house-pic-7

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