How to Use Silk Carnations for Your Decorations

Carnations are a versatile flower that can be used in almost any setting. Being as popular as they are, they are often cheaper than other flowers. However, both of these factors are doubled for silk flowers. Silk flowers give you the ability to use your creation for as long as you’d like and to keep from messing up the flower during the creation of the decoration. Today, we’re going to talk about how to use silk carnations during your decorating needs.

Photo Backdrop

Since you have the ability to get silk carnations, a photo backdrop would be the perfect option for your needs. Take what colors you like the most in various shades to create photo backdrops, door curtains, or wall decorations. If you are going to use the curtain for a photo booth, try adding in some props for the guests to use. 

Cake Decorations

At any wedding, the cake is the centerpiece of dinner. As such, it’s important that your flowers don’t wilt or get messed up before the main event. Silk flowers are the perfect fix for this issue as they come in a myriad of colors with no need to worry about wilting or sagging. You can try mixing flower types to create a flower garden on your cake. 

Flower Garland

If you thought the photo backdrop could be used in other ways, you’re right. By taking the flowers and adding them all to one string, you’ll have garland that you can use anywhere in your home. If you use wedding colors, you’ll also have the perfect decoration for the chairs or alters. Think about reusing them in your kids’ room or even in your living room for holidays.

Bouquet & Boutonniere

If you search for any flower then chances are you will see an option to turn it into a bouquet or boutonniere. These flowers can be used for prom, homecoming, weddings, and more according to a website like lamouretfleurs.com. With an unlimited number of colors and even flower types, you’ll have a flower arrangement that can last forever with no smell or drying out.

Table Decorations

Any good wedding, birthday, reunition, or shower will have table decoration. Using silk carnations is the perfect way to save money while keeping the same level of style for one or twenty centerpieces. You can add them to a teacup, vase, make them into a basket, or a garden bed arrangement to create just the theme you are going for.

Door Wreath

Your home is a place where you enjoy time with family and entertain friends. What better way to welcome new guests with a wreath? If you don’t have one on your door, try getting some silk carnations and tapestry as well as a plaque or letter so that you and your family can DIY the perfect wreath for your door.

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