A Guide That Will Help You Understand Different Types of Automatic Gates


Most organizations and businesses all across the globe are trying to enhance the security of their properties and premises, and the first step of doing that is by finding an appropriate fence.

After you install your fence, the idea is to include high-quality automated gates that will allow access to the property with ease. You should have in mind that automatic gates are the most common choices for large properties such as warehouses and large businesses.

The main reason for that is that you will be able to gain fast access and still maintain high levels of security. However, you can find numerous automatic gates available on the market, and seeing the best option could be overwhelming in overall.

That is why we will describe to you the best types that you can consider for your premises.

  1. Swing Gates

When it comes to swing gates, you can choose both single and double ones based on your needs and preferences. Have in mind that swing gates are a great solution if you have a small access point and you still wish to find automatic instead of manual.

They are affordable when compared with other types especially due to the idea that you will need only one engine for it. In case that you have a full access point, you should consider double swing gate. You can find both custom and machine-made based on your preferences.

It is vital to remember that swing gates are great for organizations that wish to improve the aesthetical perspective of the property. The idea is that you will get both appealing and functional gate, which is perfect for stately homes and parks.

You can also find high-security swing gates, and they can be operated with a remote control or automated based on your preferences. The technology brought us to a point where you can implement additional features such as electric pulses and barbed wire as well.

  1. Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gates will provide you exceptional security, and they are a much better choice than swing gates since you will need a stronger force to open them, even if you wish to gain access from a vehicle.

They are robust and rigid, which means that they are less vulnerable than swing gates, and they also appear more secure as well. Sliding gates can be large up to 15 meters wide, which means that you will need plenty of space so that you can install them with ease.

They are the perfect option if you have raised floor inside the property.  If you wish to learn more on electric gates, you should click here for more information.

  1. Bi-Folding Gates

Speed or bi-folding gates are great because you will be able to access on the other side in a matter of seconds, which makes them appealing and accessible.

They are perfect for companies and organizations that have access to only a limited amount of time, or in areas with plenty of traffic such as next to staff car parks, schools, and banks.

This particular type of gates can be customized when it comes to design so that you can make them aesthetically appealing. You can also incorporate the logo of your company or paint it per your convenience and preferences.

Since the speed of opening is the main selling point, the safety is not that high when compared with other types that you can find on the market. Therefore, you have to train your employees to use them properly so that you can avoid a breach.

  1. Telescopic Gates

Even though sliding and telescopic gates are similar, the best thing about telescopic ones is the less space that they require for installation. When you open this particular gate, the individual sections will overlap each other, which mean that the security is exceptional.

However, you will have a little room for them to operate outside the premises. They can be installed only on even ground because they feature a complex mechanism that requires accurate measurement.

You can customize their appearance based on your style so that you can make them aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, you will be able to incorporate them by using different access control systems.

They are ideally suited for properties in which you will not have enough space to install a slide gate, so you can go for this alternative, which will bring you the same level of security.