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Speaking of light shielding curtains in the past, there was a lot of curtains with a sense of profoundness, but recently there are plenty of curtains that are superior in design and interior nature while having sufficient light blocking properties.

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is also called sound insulation, and it is a function to prevent the sound from echoing outside.

However, it can be said that the soundproof curtain is not so effective only by changing the curtain.

Curtains are not tightly sealed and do not cover the entire room but cover only the windows, so they cannot be perfectly soundproofed. With the good cheap curtains Singapore you will have the best deals.

Other features

  • Heat insulation: It is how much to prevent heat from outside. Every year summer is getting stricter and thermal insulation is also emphasized now in order to improve the effectiveness of the cooler.
  • UV function that does not pass ultraviolet rays.
  • Heat insulation It is how much you do not escape the heat inside the house as opposed to thermal insulation

Mirror: The lace curtain makes the room bright through the light, but on the other hand there is concern that the room will be transparent. In order to prevent it, we use diffused reflection of light, the function that the inside becomes invisible when it is bright. It’s a bright time only feature, so it will not work in the evening.

As the baby’s jaundice continues, you will be worried about “How long will it last?” Because there are times when it is interrupted in a case without worry, it may be hidden as a cause of unexpected intractable disease, so consult a doctor as soon as there is a worrying point.Some babies have less breast milk while jaundice is out. If your weight gain is bad, you may need to refill milk, but if your weight gain is good, let’s actively give milk.

The time of newborn babies, such as infant eczema and infantile seborrheic eczema, it is easy to cause trouble on your skin. It may take some time to become “baby skin” whitening. Let’s carefully watch the newborn baby.

Jaundice is a state in which the color called bilirubin in blood increases and the skin and mucosa are stained yellow. The normal value of bilirubin in the blood is 1 mg / dl or less, and when it is over 2 mg / dl or more the ocular conjunctiva (part of the eye) turns yellow and can be judged macroscopically. This is called overtness jaundice. Among 1 to 2 mg / dl, the yellowing of the skin and ocular conjunctiva is unclear and it is called subclinical jaundice. At the good at  jaundice home treatment you will have the best deals.

Somehow the body appears yellowish, the color of the urine is badly dark, the part of the white eyes turns yellow and appears to be colored, and the symptoms appear. In general, when seeing morbid jaundice, it is accompanied by other symptoms such as whole body malaise / fatigue, itching of the skin, symptoms like cold, fever, darkening of the color of the urine.

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