Kris Jenner’s House in Hidden Hills, CA


The house in the map pictured above is the newer Hidden Hills house that was bought in 2008 and has about 9000 square feet of space. The house pictured below (also in Hidden Hills) is the one that Kris Jenner, Bruce and the whole Kardashian clan began their ascent to celebrity empire with their hit TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. At that time, it probably was possible to keep up with them and their activities by following one TV show. But now, after their multitudinous and varied celebrity trajectories have hit warp speed it is near impossible to keep up with their activities. They are buying and selling houses and properties like baseball trading cards. The house seen below they bought in mid 2006 and put up for sale on the market in late 2008. It had about 4000 square feet.

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