Kate Gosselin’s House For 8+ in Wernersville, PA


Kate Gosselin lives in a $1.3 million home…think about that for a second. A woman who is only famous for the her dysfunctional marriage and Golden Retriever-like birthing abilities, lives in a home that’s mortgage’s monthly interest could pay for most of our cars…ugh. Anyhow, rumor has it that she’s worried about being able to afford the Pennsylvania home now that her show, Kate Plus 8, has been canceled. We feel bad for her kids, so for their sake, we hope she gets to keep the house. Maybe in some kind of sitcom-ish twist, a judge will rule that since Kate Gosselin is such a terrible person, only she has to leave the home; then the kids can live on their own with a sassy butler, or a proper British nanny, or Paul Hogan from Croccadile Dundee (they could call that one Ga’Day Eight!).

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2 comments on “Kate Gosselin’s House For 8+ in Wernersville, PA

  1. Cameron Hollis on said:

    It isnt exactly a sprawling estate with huge gates with KG on it. It is a simple home just enough room for all 8 kids to have a little space. If I had the funds to pay it off for her I would. Her chances for her ex to keep up support are slim to non. And fat chance a strikingly handsome man is going to sweep her off her feetwith 8 kids anchoring her down. Have some compasion. She did what she could to keep food on the table, the lights on, and a roof over their heads. A lot o folks think she was all over hollywood to get attention. But in fact she was contracted to do so in order to keep the rating and interest in her show alive for as long as she could. Kids are expensive. She also had to put the kids in private school in an effort to give them a fair chance at learning. The public school system would have been overwhelming for the younger 6 as evident by the torture the older two girls suffered just after their father became a puss and walked out. That dude has no balls. And owes Kate and the family sooooo fing much. I know 8 is a lot to handle, but Kate didn’t run off on their children. Now she is going to return to nursing. I pray, someone out there, can provide her a position which can pay enough to support her entire family and continue to keep the children in private school as long as the kids wish to remain there. Thank you. Kate, I will continue to pray your financial needs will be met and that you continue your passion, nursing & being the best mom you can be. And if Mr. Right is out there, that he finds you when you are ready again. Love Mr. Cameron Hollis

  2. There will always be some out there who Kate Gosselin can deceive. I have watched her cry and laugh her way to attention and money. She used those children for fame and financial gain. Supporting a family isn’t the issue. She could do that like every hardworking American struggling today. She uses the media for money to sustain her lifestyle which she loves more than anything, including self respect. She has done everything to keep herself in the limelight so she can get another reality show. It’s all about the fame and money. That’s the bottom line here. If she would work for her living like the rest of us, she would find herself less “poor me!” She chose to deliver 8 spoiled children, who now must find their way after stardom. Why doesn’t she privately go to e-harmony for a potential suitor? What has she done to help others less fortunate than herself. There are so many elderly and abused children that need help for someone who has a million dollar home and money enough in the bank for a lifetime of comfort. Does she do anything for others? The homeless shelters need volunteers, the abused and abandoned animals need help, Instead of whining about herself, why can’t she reach out and give a hand instead of asking for a handout! Her tears on t.v. are for herself, not for the plight of those who need it. She at least has an education to work for a living. Her kids have the best schools, how can anyone who has common sense feel more sorry for her than the homeless veteran on the streets with no job, and gave all for our country, and all they want is a chance for a job to feed their families. Let’s focus on the needy, not on Kate Gosselin, who doesn’t do anything to help others. I hope she just fades in the background and is never seen on tv again.

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