Enya’s House in Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland


If there was such a thing as a “rocker” in the new age genre it would be Enya because some of her songs really rocked the new age world. There is not much new age (as in modern) about her house though, it looks like an old grey Irish castle; although you do see the burbs and apartment complexes sneaking up alongside. But in a way the medieval style does fit right in with the new age as it incorporates all that middle age mysticism and “Renaissance Fair” stuff. And Enya’s music fits right in with the place too.

If you zoom out on the road view, you can see she is just off the Irish Sea, some 8-10 miles southeast of Dublin. There is no doubt she goes over to the cliffs at the full moon to sing some relaxing Orinoco flow, sail away, sail away, songs at the crashing waves.

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