Celebrity Haunted Homes: Marilyn Monroe

50’s Movie star Marilyn Monroe died back in 1962 at the age of 36. She was at the peak of her success. The cause of her death has always been surrounded by controversy and to this day is considered suspicious. Was it suicide from a drug overdose? Or was she was murdered? That question remains unanswered. I can tell you if I died that young in a suspicious manner I’d be pretty angry about it. I might come back to haunt some of my old digs too. So there is no wonder there are rumors that her ghost still haunts some places she frequented during her life.

The home where Marilyn allegedly committed suicide has reported numerous sightings of her ghost after her death. Reportedly a woman with blonde hair has been seen walking throughout the house late nights. Now that is just spooky. Located in Brentwood, A Los Angeles suburb, the home sold for more than the listed price just 24 days after her death.

This is the famous mirror now located in the lobby of the hotel.

There have also been reports that Marilyn’s ghost has been seen at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. A place she stayed at often. A hotel employee claims to have seen a woman with blonde hair in the reflection of a mirror in one of the rooms.

The last and most creepy place where it is said Marilyn’s ghost has been seen is the cemetery. It’s reported a spirit like figure resembling a woman has been spotted on numerous occasions at her burial place located in Los Angeles, at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park.

Pictures of the home Marilyn Monroe was found dead at and is reported to haunt.

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