Beyonce’s House in Miami Beach, FL


Whoa Beyonce’s net worth is skyrocketing. She can probably afford a few more houses than this and maybe has secret villas in Italia, France, Guam, etc etc. Anyway, Miami Beach is a nice place for one of her resting places. I imagine she has an assistant to take care of all her houses and arrangements.

This house is worth $14 million! Well, it was before the housing bubble, the market may have changed that a bit but the super-rich are sometimes beyond the movements of the markets. It is nearly 9,000 square feet and it has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and of course a swimming pool.

There is evidence however that Beyonce’s empire was built using more that just her voice – Beyoncé’s plastic surgery, hair extensions and boob job have helped no doubt to “perfect her talent” and add value to her “assets”.

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