Beatty and Benning’s House on Sale For 7 Mill

Warren Beatty has always chosen to go for quality over quantity; choosing to only do the occasional film that would make get him big time accolades instead of making a movie every six months just for a paycheck like some of his contemporaries (*cough* Al Pacino *cough*). This of course didn’t apply to his doing Ishtar (one of the biggest bombs ever), and it doesn’t apply to his currently on sale home, because that place is both nice and huge. Recently put on the market for around $7 million, the home that the Dick Tracy and Bulworth star shares with Annette Bening features 10,594 square feet of living space, six huge bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a gym, a pool, maid’s quarters, an immaculate lawn, a library, a spa, a guest house, a stone drive-way, and 1.1 acres of property. The Los Angeles home is covered in ivy (it looks cool, not scary…unless a with buys it, then it’d be both) and has an awesome view of the San Fernando Valley. Beatty built the home in 1992 in honor of his marriage to Bening. The pad was previous up for rent for almost $30 thousand a month, but Beatty now wants to unload it. He owns another house in California, so he probably just doesn’t want the additional hassle, or the property taxes.

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